Outstaffing is simple

Just call us at (508) 375-7922 or complete our online quote form and tell us about your project or the job role you’d like to outstaff. That is pretty simple, right?

We’ve got great staff for almost every type of job role

You can outstaff almost any computer-based job, but we’re particularly good at web design, web development, web maintenance, and search engine optimization/marketing. We also have designers and illustrators with expert-level Adobe CS skills, top-notch software specialists who are expert in applications such as QuickBooks, SalesForce, and Excel, and, of course, staff who can provide a wide range of general administrative services such as data entry and web research.


We’ll let you know upfront exactly how much the work will cost

You'll get a quotation from us showing the total cost for your project (if it’s a fixed-price job), or the contractor’s hourly rate (if it’s an hourly-rate job). For hourly-rate jobs, payment is made weekly by credit card. For fixed-price jobs, we ask for 50% payment upfront with the balance due upon completion.

When your job is underway, we’ll supervise everything

When your project is underway, one of our US-based account managers will supervise the work and ensure that your project is completed exactly to your specifications.


You only pay when the job is done right

For hourly-rate jobs, we’ll send you an invoice at the end of each week detailing the hours worked by your contractor. If everything’s OK, you can pay your invoice by credit card after a 72-hour approval window. For fixed-price jobs, you only pay the outstanding balance when the job is finished and you’re completely satisfied.

That’s the nuts and bolts

That’s the nuts and bolts of how outstaffing works. You can find further information in our FAQs section or please call us at (508) 375-7922 if you have any questions.

Nuts & Bolts